​Pepakura Designer

Pepakura Designer allows you to easily create paper-craft models from 3D data you create from your favorite 3D software ( http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/download/designer.html ) . Download and install .By unfolding this 3D model , you can print the different pieces which can be joined to form the 3D model . Dont forget to use edge id .

2014-07-15 19.28.56

2014-07-15 19.28.25

3D file and scale used

We used a 3D file of the Nautilus shell and scaled it . Here comes the question of size of the shell . It was interesting to find that a natural nautilus shell has a golden ratio inbuilt . so i used the Fibonacci numbers to calculate an apt scale . The scaled 3D file has been attached.



Intro : Nautilus

The Nautilus v.1 is a fusion of both bio-mechanics and state of the art electronics. It uses the habitual and operational features of the living fossil nautilus. The living nautilus is the sole inspiration reason for this underwater utility simply because of its magnificence. It has survived for millions of years in the open oceans which is a remarkable feat in itself but surprisingly it makes a daily trip of 150-200 m from the ocean bottom to the surface nocturnally for feeding.